Notices & Document Inquiry
  • International driving permit is another evidence for driving permit, by traffic law 55th article, it notes the international visitors who are from our reciprocal benefit countries, and have international driving permit and are doing 30 days short time stay in our country, they are allowed to drive without visa for international driving permit. However, if the visitor stay over 30 days, then they will need to apply the visa for international driving permit to our governmental offices.
  • The visa for international driving permit expires date only 1 year time, if the international driving permit or the residence permit expired before 1 year time, then the deadline will base on the earliest date, and visitor will not be allowed to drive after this date.
  • Those who are willing to apply the visa for international driving permit, please check the file attachment for Equality and reciprocity principle.
  • If there is any traffic ticket etc., please go to our office or Ruling institute to close the cases
  • The original international driving permit copy (exception: for those drivers who are from the USA or Kingdom of Lesotho also need to prepare local driving permit in their own countries as well as international driving permit.
  • The original copy for a residence permit (Those who do not have a residence permit need to have the original copy for passport.).
  • The visa application form for international driving permit (Please go to our office or north area branch office to get the blank application form or download from our website. check the file
  • For foreigner, we will copy your credit card with a blank sign for traffic fine. The blank sign will with "Traffic fine only". If we receive your traffic fine or parking fee, we will inform you before we swipe your card for traffic fine or parking fee. Additionally, traffic fine and parking fee pay by credit card will charge a 10% extra fee.